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The End of Oil

Posted by on Nov 14, 2017

Oil has been a great boon to the world in many ways. It has not only made men rich, it has made whole nations rich. It has fueled the rise of the modern world in many ways. Without oil, we would not have had the ability to travel so quickly across vast distances for so long. Without oil, we would not have been able to trade with nations across the world and interconnect our planet so intensely.

All that is true, and yet, it is also true that oil’s time has finally come to an end. After more than a century fueling humanity’s progress, it’s time for humanity to say thank you and move on.

This is true for a number of reasons. First of all, oil is dirty. It pollutes our air by making smoggy cities. It is also a major contributor to global warming. With the oceans warming, weather patterns becoming erratic, sea life dying, and dangerous storms becoming more prevalent, a future for oil is simply inconceivable.

A second important point is that oil is dangerous. Whether oil is being drilled in oil fields or out in the ocean on oil rigs, there are serious dangers to the people working there and to the environment around. Oil spills, as everyone knows by now, can destroy whole ecosystems. Many oil workers are injured every year. It’s a high price to pay for a fuel that is soon to be out of date.

It is true, it is not out of date yet. The vast vast majority of cars still run on oil. Planes still require it. Most boats and ships still require it. The day is still somewhat in the future when all of those combustible engines can be replaced by something less dangerous and cleaner.

The day is far off, but it is still visible. By now, we can see the direction technology is taking us. Already, electric cars are making headway on the road. Tesla is working hard on lowering the price to make electric cars affordable for the average family. As electric fueling stations become more common beyond the coasts, and as the batteries improve storage, the electric car will become increasingly competitive across the entire car market.

With other fuel cell technology developing as well, and more alternative fuels being worked on every day, the writing is on the wall for oil.

We are now experiencing the dawn of a new era. Just as horse riders at the end of the 19th century were skeptical that the car could really replace the mode of transportation they were always accustomed to, now today many will shake their heads at this new technological wave.

But just like those horse riders, whether people believe it or not, in twenty years, they too will be enjoying the new technology that will change the lives of all humanity again. Just wait a see.

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